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5 Opportunities for Getting Speaking Engagements

Getting Practice as a Public Speaker – Part I

Many new speakers in my Boston public speaking training classes often ask how they might get speaking opportunities to hone their skills. As I always tell them, opportunities abound once you know where to look for them. No matter whether you are an expert motivational speaker or organizational change there are 1000’s of opportunities to speak every year. To be clear, I’m not necessarily speaking to paid opportunities, as these may or may not involve payment; but rather to general opportunities to gain experience. In the second series of this post I’ll cover getting paid opportunities. Here are a few places to explore speaking opportunities to sharpen your public speaking skills:

Professional Organizations

Every field has numerous professional associations that promote its members skills and professional development efforts. These organizations are a great way for you to gain a chance to share your unique expertise with an audience uniquely receptive to your message.

Local Non-Profits

Your local non profit may meet as often as any other organization and offer many occasions for practicing your skill as a public speaker. As an added bonus, you will be doing some good by lending a hand to organizations that are all about a positive social change.

Civic Organizational

Local government has many potentials for you to expand your public speaking skills while actively participating in your government. These opportunities often give you a chance to speak to subjects beyond your comfort zone and thus expand your public speaking skills and expertise.

Industry Conferences

Every industry has conferences small or large, national or international. These represent a chance to share your unique genius with peers, friend and potential customers while honing your skills through active practice.

Local Library

Your local library is always a hub for speaking opportunities and one you should explore. Library events often bring together local and regional interest groups in the common civic space of the library where you can share your unique wisdom and gain valuable experience.

Opportunities for Getting Speaking Engagements Abound

No matter your expertise as a public speaker there are supernumerary opportunities for you to gain experience as a speaker. Additionally they are great opportunities to build yourself as a brand, network and even get new business. So get out there today and get speaking! In a future post (5 Opportunities for Getting Speaking Engagements Part II) I’ll explore the process side of finding and identifying these opportunities. So, where are you going to speak?

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6 thoughts on “5 Opportunities for Getting Speaking Engagements”

  1. Hi,
    I’m the Owner/CEO of Chosen to Write Publishing LLC in Ohio. My company is a Christian-based publishing company. I am in need of speaking engagements and finding it somewhat difficult to get my name and business name out there.

    I am also a published author.


    1. Audrey,

      Thanks for commenting. There are TONS of opportunities for you to speak, it is just a matter of exploring the options. Have you thought about religious organizations, book clubs, interest groups. I’m guessing a quick Google search will yield a host of professional and religious organizations that would be happy to connect with you. Let me know how it goes!

  2. I had never thought of speaking in a library before! It would be great for where I live as the new library has just been opened and has quite a large visitor base at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I am just beginning to get over my fear of public speaking and I think that getting as much practice in is the way to go for me. I will see if there are any local organizations that are looking for speakers, and be sure to apply to see if they are interested. Wish me luck!

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