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5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Grow Your Business & Career Part II

In this our second part of our two part series, (see Part 1) we explore 5 more ways you can build your business and career with public speaking. Public speaking is a compelling skill no matter where practice it — be that in business or professional life. Truly being able to articulate, connect and persuade are all fundamental skills for success. This is particularly true if you are in a leadership role (we all are) or own and run your business. Public speaking can be of paramount importance to growing your business and improve your long term career prospects. Herein in the second part of a two part series, we’ll explore five ways in which public speaking drives business and career success. If you missed Part I, see 5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Grow Your Business & Career Part I.

Set Your Self Apart from the Competition

Your competition or colleagues may or may not be speaking in front of potential customers. Actively speaking at conferences, events and industry groups can be a strong differentiators for you and your organization. Your presence at these events puts you in front of 100’s of industry leaders, executives and decision makers. If your competition shies away from public speaking, this can be a strong opportunity for you. It can drive the success of your organization and ultimately your career.

Build Confidence & Skill

Practice is the key to improvement. If you invest the time and effort you will see your confidence grow along with your skills. Few skills and rewards are acquired without effort. You will see your speaking confidence and skills in direct alignment with the time and effort you invest in improving them. Then again, don’t take my word for it. Make it happen and see the positive results for yourself.

Hone Impactful Presentations

Much like our first drafts while writing are not perfect, so too, impactful presentations evolve and improve over time. We gain feedback of others, insights from the audience and are more effective with practice. Our message improves and becomes ever more impactful and focused if we do the required work of getting proper feedback. Feedback isn’t just for your practice phase of speech preparation it should be a constant you do with every speech. Doing so will aid you in honing a powerful, effective message.

Better Understand Your Customers or Potential Employers

Public speaking can be a window into your customers and industry. When you speaking in front of an audience and share your expertise — you gain some very valuable insights. You will get relevant questions, feedback and a deep understanding of the challenges your customer or industry face. Speaking can often yield insights into the critical industry challenges, elucidate customer needs and give you wisdom into your industry and its customers.

Increase Your Visibility on and Offline

In this age of intense global competition it is important to make you and your organization stand out. Public speaking can be a key way the word out on you and your organization on and offline. Every event you do will put your in front of many potential client, industry leaders and relevant decision makers. Additionally it will generate web pages, blog posts, social media posts, YouTube Videos and much, much more. When you speak you build a buzz on your own skills and that of your organization. At a loss for ideas on where to speak? Check out our post: Finding Public Speaking Opportunities Part I and Finding Speaking Opportunities Part II.

Whether you are business owner or industry expert public speaking can help you grow your business or career. The question truly is – how will you use it? What is your dream or goal? Have you thought about how public speaking might help get you there? You should start today.
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2 thoughts on “5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Grow Your Business & Career Part II”

  1. I completely agree. People remember inspirational speakers and those that present themselves well, and public speaking is a huge part of this. It also comes in handy for the most random things. Currently I’m looking for sponsorship for a world cycle tour, and it turns out public speaking and talking about the trip and why we are doing it is a huge way to promote our tour and find sponsors.

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