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5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Grow Your Business & Career Part I

Public speaking is a compelling skill both in business and professional life. Being able to articulate, connect and persuade are all fundamental skills for success. This is particularly true if you are in a leadership role or own and run your business. Public speaking can be of paramount importance to growing your business and improve your long term career prospects. Herein in the first part of a two part series (See Part II), we’ll explore five ways in which public speaking drives business and career success.

Critical Communication Skill

You will be hard pressed to find a job description that doesn’t include communication skills and public speaking. The reasons for this are self-evident. Possessing these critical skills gives one the capacity to connect with others, sell a product and even persuade an audience. When we speak or give presentations we exercise these skills and improve upon them. Like a muscle, we build our message, hone it while expanding this critical skill-set.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

The best way to persuade others of your expertise is to show them in action. Speaking offers a very unique opportunity for you to connect with and persuade others on the subjects you are expert on. You actively demonstrate your subject matter expertise while connecting with an audience. Few things cement the idea of your expertise in the minds of others than your taking the time to develop and deliver your speeches and presentations.

Soft Sell

Public speaking is a great way to “soft sell.” Soft selling isn’t direct pushy selling many are used to seeing and hearing sales men/women. In fact it doesn’t even pitch anything but rather hint at the fact that you have the expertise and experience to solve the business challenges or problems. With “soft selling” we never sell anything but rather just simply show that we have the skills and experience to solve real world problems. We never directly sell our expertise, product or service. We may hint at it but we never directly sell. Additionally, this maximizes your potential leads and is a genius way to do lead generation.

Connect Directly With Decision Makers & Network

Public speaking allows us to network in a powerful way. When we speak at an industry conference, professional organization or company roadshow we have a powerful opportunity to network with our audience. In order to do so we have to take the initiative to reach out to others at every opportunity prior to, during and after with the goal of fostering connections with others. Your speech or presentation, if well crafted will start a conversation, solve a problem or persuade your audience to connect with you.

Reuse, Repurpose & Amplify

Once you have honed your message and delivered it well the practice will only compound your success. With powerful speech or presentation you can then compound the impact by a number of means by reusing, re-purposing it.

  • Post your slides on SlideShare
  • Upload the video to YouTube
  • Turn it into a webinar or online course
  • Share it on your social media presence
  • Use the presentation as the basis for articles, blog posts or a book

I encourage you to think of your speech or presentation as the beginning of a long journey of telling the story of your product, service or solution. Giving the speech starts the conversation and you can follow up by amplifying your message in the variety of ways detailed above. The impact of this public speaking engagement is expanded greatly.

In Part II of our exploration of yet another 5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Grow Your Business & Career Part II. Continue to Part II of this series.

How will you use public speaking to build your business, brand or career path? Let me know in the comments below. If you find this post helpful, consider joining our public speaking newsletter for more helpful hints for the aspiring speaker and leaders. Until then, if you are looking for places to speak, check out our post: Finding Public Speaking Opportunities Part I and Finding Speaking Opportunities Part II.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Grow Your Business & Career Part I”

  1. I really agree with the author of this article. Communication skills can help you in every different situation – it can be your job, your career, your personal life or relationships. So in my opinion, it’s very important to learn how to communicate in the best way. I think it’s one of the most important skills for everyone.

  2. I feel the more you talk the better you will become, and in the longer run – the better a business man or woman you will become. Really enjoyed this and I like how you share advantages most people don’t even seem to touch on when it comes to public speaking and the business world.

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