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Benefits of Public Speaking Skills

As a speech coach and public speaking trainer, I often get questions from skeptical new speakers about the benefits public speaking has to offer. They wonder why they should bother with challenging themselves to master it. When these misconceptions come forward I always detail the many powerful and wide-spanning reasons one should always invest in improving communication skills. Public speaking is a fundamental life and career skill, no one can be without. [clear]

Communication Skills Are Vital

In nearly all aspects of life communication is vital to our success. From the interpersonal to the professional we need it every day to survive and thrive. Public speaking is at the most fundamental level – all about communication. Mastering it is a key pillar in our personal & professional success.

Personal Benefits of Public Speaking

In our relationships, just as in professional world – public speaking/communication skills reign supreme. We use them every day to convey a message, attempt to persuade, or even effectively listen. Without effective speaking skills our interpersonal relationships face unnecessary challenges. You will find that all of the skills we learn yield benefits far beyond the places you ever imagined. Most importantly, you will find them of tremendous value your interpersonal relationships. You’ll have a deeper sense of how to effectively convey a message to friend, family or loved one. A skill more than worth its weight in gold.

Professional Benefits of Public Speaking

For a moment, think of any professional setting where you might have to lead or persuade. Would effective communication skills help? Public speaking gives you these fundamental communication skills for delivering as a speaker but it goes well beyond those powerful benefits. Whether before a small group of board-members or a group of 1000’s mastering these skills will outfit you for communication success. Examples of individuals that succeed in speaking, communication and leadership abound. The one commonality of them all is they are effective communicators and excellent public speakers. Public speaking can be a critical catalyst to your professional career trajectory.

Benefits Abound

Mastering public speaking is a singular sound investment in yourself. It will spur your personal and professional growth to whatever end you can image. So dream. Public speaking mastery will be a fundamental skill that brings your dream to fruition.  Whenever you are ready, we are here for your public speaking success. Join us for (1 on 1 training), executive speech coaching, one day public speaking bootcamps, advanced public speaking bootcamps and public speaking seminars for corporations & groups of any size.  Until then, drop us a comment below or join our newsletter for more updates on public speaking and leadership.

16 thoughts on “Benefits of Public Speaking Skills”

  1. People who are good at public speaking always leave me slightly in awe. You’re right, having effective communication skills and good public speaking skills really improve many areas of your life — not just presenting to a panel/group.

    My father is a great public speaker; I don’t think he ever had a speech coach, but he did have LOTS of practice. I know that this ability to communicate well came across in many different mediums, like one-on-one on TV, and giving small speeches at parties. Or even in a one-on-one conversation, someone with communication/public speaking skills is easy to spot; they have appropriate body language, and they are engaging with their tone of voice and ease of conversation.

    I agree that “public speaking mastery is a fundamental skill,” but I don’t always think that I will be able to improve that much. During your speech coaching have you seen great improvement in previously shy people?

    1. Hello Liz,

      Thanks so much for your comment. =) I’m glad you are already in agreement that public speaking is a fundamental skill in life, work and relationships. In my experience of training 1000’s I’ve found that anyone can see marked improvement in their public speaking and communication skills with the proper training, attitudinal change and persistent effort.

      My one on one sessions produce results for students that are tangible. They leave more confident, self-aware and able to speak in any venue. I’m confident after years of training others that nearly anyone can master the skills of communication and leadership. Shyness isn’t an insurmountable obstacle it’s just a small bump in the path to great speaking success.

  2. With the huge advancements in technology it is common for people to become complacent with their communication skills, and forget or not learn how to use their voice to its full potential.

    1. Paula,
      Absolutely! Yes, we have to remember that technology is a tool and not a crutch. If we lean to much on technology and forget body language, vocal variety, passion, etc. we are lost. Very good insight, keep em’ coming. =)

  3. I know the benefits that public speaking has, and it has been my goal for some time now to defeat my fear of public speaking, and whilst I have attended some classes I know that I still need plenty of practice in order to improve to the point where I can do so confidently in front of a full audience.

  4. I am in the circles of Marketing and therefore have seen many motivational and sales speakers. It isn’t until you see a really bad speaker, that you realize how much the basic skills of a speaker are paramount.
    I would say that seeing yourself back, so you can judge how you speak and look is important. What would you say the 3 most important things are for a speaker?

    1. Sandra, Thanks for your comment. I wouldn’t say it is only 3 things in particular to master public speaking. If I were to pick 3 important speaking skills I’d highlight: 1. Remember its about the audience and the message – not you. 2. Master the fundamentals of body language and using your voice. 3. Never stop learning and improving your public speaking skills.

  5. I believe that what you have said so far is very inspiring information. As public speaking coach i can assure that those are the main benefits of public speaking.

  6. Hey, cool post. My son and I were discussing this the other day, and he had some weird ideas! Are you going to expand upon this post? I would love to learn more

  7. I love what you said about how having a deeper sense of how to effectively convey a message to a friend, family member, or loved one is a skill that is worth its weight in gold. I want to help my children learn public speaking skills so they aren’t afraid of doing it their whole lives. Thank you for the information about how public speaking and communication skills reign supreme in the professional and personal worlds.

  8. I like how you emphasized how a lot of professional career trajectories can be affected critically by a person’s public speaking skills. I think that public speaking is one of the most important skills that a person can learn but yet it is so easily overseen. Fewer people would be afraid of it if they were properly trained on how to talk to a big audience.

  9. Thanks so much!!! In what you say communication skills are vital in almost every aspect of our life, communication is vital to our success: I am going to use this to improve my results .
    Thank you!

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