Public Speaking – Decoupling Fear & Anxiety and Embracing Excitement & Joy

Have you ever stopped to think about how often we are at a loss to describe the emotions we experience? How even, at times our own understanding of different emotions is hard to comprehend or vocalize. This is doubtlessly true in the case of our… Continue reading

The Power of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

The Power of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

Eye contact is often one of the most overlooked methods we have to connect, build rapport and be effective as a speaker and leader. More often than not most speakers fail to use the power of eye contact to impart weight and value to their… Continue reading

Alcohol and Public Speaking – Don’t Drink and Speak

Public Speaking Don't Drink & Speak

A recent article on public speaking recommended that nervous speakers have a drink (one drink) before speaking and I couldn’t disagree more. Public speaking like any other form of focused communication demands us in top form and drinking (even one drink) leaves us far from… Continue reading

Prepping for Public Speaking with Creative Visualization

Public speaking need not be an anxiety driven experience with the right coping mechanisms such as creative visualization. We all should be aware that we always have 2 points of creation in any effort in our lives: Our thoughts and consciousness – This happens during… Continue reading

Power of Smile – Your Public Speaking Secret Weapon

So often beginning public speakers are exceedingly serious in their approach to public speaking – smiling isn’t part of their delivery. They may fear public speaking, be anxious speaking, or simply not learned one of the many techniques to loosen up before speaking. Author of… Continue reading

Speaking and Leadership

Public Speaking Training

Few explore the essential connection between public speaking skills and leadership. Speaking is often seen as a valuable skill but it is rarely tied to leadership as a critical pillar on which it stands. To be successful as a leader, you must communicate, motivate and… Continue reading

The Fallacy of the Natural Born Speaker

Public Speaking

Contrary to popular belief public speaking isn’t a skill we are born or blessed with but one we acquire. Sure, there are people who might be better than others – more natural speakers but none are born successful in this skill. Like most else in… Continue reading

Fear of Public Speaking

Face Fear with Hope and Courage

Fear is an emotion that places us in a psychological state of unnecessary immobilization.  The fear of public speaking, is one the top fears that keeps people from success in many arenas of life they would otherwise conquer. Emotions are a Message It is important… Continue reading

Reading Your Audience

Public Speaking Success – Read your Audience Novice public speakers often ask me how to best gauge an audience during a speech. Hearing this question impresses me because indicates a speaker is making an effort to more effectively connect with his or her audience. Reading… Continue reading

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Let’s face it, Public Speaking is hard. For most it is an experience of dreaded more that snakes, spiders and even death itself. These beliefs tend to influence our physiology (define) and our ability to deliver as a speaker. The “speakers nerves,” speakers anxiety, or… Continue reading