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Body Language & Public Speaking

In one of my recent Boston public speaking training classes I had the question from one of my students: “What do I do with my hands, body while speaking?” This is a common question to the novice public speaker. At its root it arises from many potential roots such as the lack of confidence, public speaking anxiety, lack of speaking training. My unique training methods bring students to the point where they are able to be expressive with body language in a natural and authentic way. One of my favorite methods for having students start this process is to watch T.V. This public speaking body language awareness exercise is simple:

Tune Into Body Language Exercise:

  • Pick your favorite television show and watch it muted.
  • Watch all of the body language with a keen eye on details
  • What do the actors say in their movement?
  • Do they communicate with their eyes, facial expressions?
  • How to they use their hands? Where and why?

This simple beginning exercise can help you begin the process of tuning into body language. Why not start today and try it out? Let me know how it goes. Also, check out the example from a master of body language — Charlie Chaplin

A Perfect Example of Body Language:

Although Body Language & Comic Genius Charlie Chaplin isn’t a public speaker per se he — shows all the hallmarks of a master of body language with the added humor. =)

Body Language & Public Speaking

In light of this quick exploration of body language — I hope this gets you thinking on the subject. Specifically, I hope it gets you exploring how you might use these skills in your next speech or presentation. There are always a multitude of opportunities to add powerful body language to your speeches. A simple exercise is to record yourself on your smartphone or computer and watch it back. Where in your recorded performance could you add or expand upon the natural body language you delivered in your test speech. List out some examples and then go through your speech again while recording it. You’ll notice that your body language is improves with practice and review. Now we may never get as amazing as “the master,” Charlie Chaplin but we will certainly improve when we put in measured effort.

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    1. Joseph Guarino


      Thanks for your kind words. =) I find that all of those in the arts usually have a unique take (and skill) with which they approach public speaking.

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