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Communication skills are critical to personal and professional success. Learn how improving your communication skills can improve your public speaking & leadership accomplishments.

Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership Communication Skills

Communication skills are a most fundamental competence. We use them daily to persuade, influence and lead. It is no exaggeration to state that these skill determine much of our success in life. If you are person in a leadership role you might exercise this skill… Continue reading

Gaining the Confidence of Your Audience as a Public Speaker

Benefits of Public Speaking - Smiling Speaker

In one of my recent Boston public speaking courses a student asked how they would gain the confidence of an audience and be seen as an expert. As a public speaking trainer and expert I’ve heard this questions many times and I’d love to share… Continue reading

How to Sound Conversational as a Speaker

Being a conversational public speaker

Most beginning speakers who come to my public speaking & leadership training ask a consistent question. How do I sound more conversational, less monotonous or robotic as a speaker? My formula for doing so is not complicated but it does require some practice to be… Continue reading

On Authenticity & The Power of You in Public Speaking

On Authenticity & The Power of You in Public Speaking

There is nothing more important that being our authentic self. This is true in all areas of our lives and most certainly true in public speaking and communication. All of us are perfectly imperfect and a work in progress. Truth is we must do our… Continue reading

Owning Your Inner Critic

On Authenticity & The Power of You in Public Speaking

Within each of us lies some self doubt particularly as it relates to public speaking. This is because we share so much of ourselves when we get up in front of a group people. Our internal dialogues often reflect: Will they like me? Will they… Continue reading

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speaking

Whether we realize it of much of our human communication happens in non-verbal form. Our bodies speak, often volumes more than we do in our actual spoken words. In fact, numerous studies by famed Psychologist Albert Mehrabian found that most of our communications are dominated… Continue reading