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Leadership skills are a fundamental skill that drives our success in work & life. Learn the skills for leadership success in business and in life.

Positive Side of Conflict

Conflict is an unavoidable part of existence. Inevitably everyone experiences some form of it in work or in life. Conflict can be a drag on people and organizations, effecting both efficiency and effectiveness – or it can lead to breakthroughs and positive transformations. Conflict can… Continue reading

7 Signs You Work for a Horrible Boss

Public Speaking - Climb the Ladder of Success

How would you describe your boss? Does he help you succeed and grow or hold you back? Do you look forward to going into work every day or only look forward to days your manager is on vacation? As you undoubtedly know, we spend the… Continue reading

Positional vs. Persuasive Leaders

Persuasive vs. Positional Leadership

There are many kinds of leaders. Each of which subscribe to their own philosophy and approach to leadership. In this article, we will compare two types of leaders: Positional Leaders and Persuasive Leaders. We will explain the key traits each type of leader possess and… Continue reading

Manipulative vs. Persuasive Leadership

Manipulative vs. Persuasive Leadership

Have you ever had a boss or manager who constantly manipulated you? Was your relationship with this boss a good one? A significant part of being a successful leader is being able to motivate others to action and common goals. Successful leadership is never manipulation… Continue reading

6 Shortcuts to Persuasion – Infographic

6 Shortcuts to Persuasion

The ability to successfully persuade is a powerful skill. Whether you want to be a better sales person or to improve your ability to lead, being persuasive can be key to your success in work and life. At the end of this post, you’ll will… Continue reading

Leadership Habits for Success in 2016

Leadership Goals 2016

We all do it. A new year arrives and we have a list of goals we aspire to achieve. We often start out with the best of intentions but achieve only a few of our stated annual goals. Truth be told, it doesn’t have to… Continue reading

Successful Leadership in a Growth Mindset

Mahatma Gandhi -The history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership, by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity.

How dedicated are you to your success? Do you have the winners mindset or do you give up at the first sign of difficulty? Like most of us, I’m sure you are some where in between. Truth is, if we desire success we need to… Continue reading

Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership Communication Skills

Communication skills are a most fundamental competence. We use them daily to persuade, influence and lead. It is no exaggeration to state that these skill determine much of our success in life. If you are person in a leadership role you might exercise this skill… Continue reading

Speaking and Leadership

Public Speaking Training

Few explore the essential connection between public speaking skills and leadership. Speaking is often seen as a valuable skill but it is rarely tied to leadership as a critical pillar on which it stands. To be successful as a leader, you must communicate, motivate and… Continue reading