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Habits often define our success or lack thereof. Learn new positive habits that will lead to success as a speaker and leader.

Using Music to Improve Public Speaking Performance

Smiling Man Listening to Music

Do you have a song that just makes you smile, or one that helps get you motivated for your morning run?  If you do – you’re not alone.  Music can be a powerful tool to change your state of mind and motivate you to action. … Continue reading

Public Speaking Mastery – Creating Positive Speaking Habits

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

Create Positive Public Speaking Habits Most things worth pursuing take time, effort and dedication. Our habits and efforts matter as much in public speaking as in any other worthy endeavor. We can choose to live up to our aspirations if we use healthy habits to… Continue reading

Public Speaking – The Value of Positive Habit – Part I

The Value of Positive Ritual-Positive Habit – The Pre-Speech Ritual – Part II

Rituals have existed in all societies in one form or another as a form of education, social endorsement, and important rite of passage. Rituals in the realm of public speaking can be used to make a clean break from previous negative experiences with public speaking… Continue reading