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5 Physical Exercises to Calm Your Nerves Before a Speech

Just before a speech or presentation you may feel very tense and anxious. This is common and it happens to the best of us. However, one way to relax and become focused is through mild physical and mental exercises – often referred to as ‘loosening… Continue reading

Top 20 Public Speaking Quotes

Public Speaking Communication and Leadership Quotes

Wisdom is all around us and life always presents us with an opportunity to learn and grow. We find it everywhere, in ourselves, our friends and family. As it is often sagaciously said, we are all both teachers and student to each-other. Students in my… Continue reading

5 Ways to Speak Like a Leader – BetaBoston Article

BetaBoston - A Boston Globe Website

We are so excited this month to be sharing our public speaking knowledge on, one of Boston’s most respected news sources. You can find our article in the Global Business Hub section of website (a Boston Globe website). The article entitle: “5… Continue reading

5 Steps to Your Unique Public Speaking Style

President Bill Clinton - A Deeply Charismatic Speaker & Leader

Many trainers in public speaking world will have you believe that you need to channel Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King or former president Bill Clinton to be considered successful as a speaker. I have to differ strongly with this assertion. While I understand these well… Continue reading

Learn From Public Speaking Feedback

Public Speaking Feedback - An opportunity to learn

Feedback for many speakers can be a touch issue. Novice public speakers want to know how to improve but they rarely ask for the very thing that can help them do so. Truth be told, feedback can help us perform better as a speaker and… Continue reading

Public Speaking & Leadership Lessons of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King - One of the best public speakers and leaders the world has ever known.

On this MLK day we should give pause to remember the brilliance and contribution of the Dr. Martin Luther King. He is a shining example of the best of humanity and the overwhelming power of well developed human communication skills. Without question, MLK is one… Continue reading