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Confident Public Speaking in 5 Easy Steps

Challenge Your Beliefs

For many public speaking is an extremely fearful and anxiety producing endeavor. The root of these fears can be many things, but they tend to form into strongly held misguided beliefs. Sadly, they often lead people to erroneous believe they are incapable of speaking success. Just as all other negative beliefs – we can either choose to be crippled by them or challenge them and reap the rewards of our bravery. Reframing public speaking in a positive light is a key step towards positive speaking outcomes.

Learn to Relax

For those with negative opinions of speaking, learning to relax in public speaking scenarios can make a critical difference. When novice speakers feel fear or trepidation related to speaking they actually experience what is known as the fight or flight response. This automatic physiological response makes us less able to focus, think straight or perform. If instead of fight of flight, we can learn relaxation, visualization, and even meditation techniques coupled with proper breathing. Using all of these things together we can find our self focused & relaxed while speaking.

Learn the Fundamentals

As I have said repeatedly as speech coach and public speaking trainer, the fundamentals of public speaking are a critical skill set to our success in nearly every facet of life. Think of any aspect of work or personal life and there isn’t a single one where communication isn’t important. In work or relationship it is the essential skill. Learning the fundamentals of effective use of body language, the power of our voice and a centered relaxed state of mind will certainly propel us to improved speech success.


We don’t simply wake up one day and decide to compete in the Olympics. This requires 1000’s (if not more) of hours of diligent preparation. Why then, do many assume that without any real investment in time and effort that they will be successful speakers. Practice makes perfect and that is one skill our training bootcamps, seminars and speech coaching (one one one & executive speech coaching) emphasize. Practice yields positive speaking results.

Speaking is FUN

Beginning students in my courses always report speaking to be dreadful drudgery. It doesn’t have to be this way – as they soon they learn. In so many aspects of life our perception is driven by both choice and actions. Choosing to see speaking in a negative light doesn’t help us move forward at all. But reframing it as something fun that can expand our life with boundless opportunities does. Reframing public speaking in a positive light is a key step towards positive speaking outcomes. Once students learn the fundamentals, how to relax and the power of practice they start to see the fun in speaking.

Confident public speaking is a wonderful skill but is one that must be build on many other fundamental speaking skills. If you’d like to start today, we are here for you. Join us for one of our training bootcamps, seminars & corporate training and speech coaching (one on one training & executive speech coaching) and you’ll be on your way to speaking success with confidence to boot. Stay connected for the latest public speaking and leadership news, free videos and more at www.twitter.com/ipublicspeaking.

6 thoughts on “Confident Public Speaking in 5 Easy Steps”

  1. Ahhhhh being positive about public speaking can be hard for me! I think of myself as a confident person who knows how to present, but sometimes I come across as insecure and shy when I speak in public. I think it’s partly my body language that harms my public speaking persona — I look down when I talk or have awkward body movements.

    I never really thought about practicing public speaking. How often should I practice public speaking? I mean, I know Olympians put in a ton of hours, but if I’m not a professional public speaker, how much should I invest?

    Do you have a post on here about relaxation or meditation tips for public speaking? I know you said meditating/relaxing instead of fight or flight is a good idea, but I’d love tips on how exactly to do that.

    How often do you run your public speaking training and seminars? What exactly is involved in speech coaching? Sorry I have a million questions — I just want to become a better public speaker. I’m very interested in the body language involved in public speaking….Public speaking is ubiquitous in almost every field; I have to give presentations fairly frequently, and I want to get better!

    1. Hello Karen,

      Thanks so much for your comments and sharing your public speaking experiences. =)

      The speaking experiences you describe are is entirely common and nothing to worry about. You can learn the skills to improve your speaking capacities with the right training, a new positive outlook on the experience of speaking and practice. On the issue of practice I think it depends on the type of speech and your goals with it. If the speech is very important to you, your life or your career then I’d invest significant time and effort to get the results you seek. I’ve written a few articles on the subject of relaxation and mediation tips for public speakers. One of my favorite techniques is visualization, which is much like meditation. In my post, “Prepping for Public Speaking with Creative Visualization,” you can learn more about my approach.

      My public speaking bootcamps run once a month in both Boston, MA and Manchester, NH. You can review the bootcamp class schedule The seminars are all custom and run whenever and wherever requested.

      I welcome you to explore the site a bit more and feel free to comment and ask anything you like. We are here for you and your public speaking success!

  2. My biggest issue with public speaking is my inability to relax when doing so. It seems that every time I open my mouth when communicating to large audiences my hands start to sweat, and my words begin to come out all mumbled and I often forget what I was saying. I know that this skill comes with training, however I think that these tips will be really helpful when it comes to my next presentation.

  3. Seeing speaking as fun is the best way that I have found to actually have the confidence to speak publicly. I feel that when I tell a funny joke during my speeches they not only come across far better, but it is also an extra load off me. thanks for the post!

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