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Fear of Public Speaking

Fear is an emotion that places us in a psychological state of unnecessary immobilization.  The fear of public speaking, is one the top fears that keeps people from success in many arenas of life they would otherwise conquer.

Emotions are a Message

It is important to note that emotions are not useless feelings we should ignore but messages we should strive to understand. Like other emotions, it is more important for us to recognize the message as a call to action. What does your fear or anxiety relating to public speaking tell you? Perhaps deep down inside you know you have something to say, something to share with the world. You should heed the emotion message and work on conquering this fear. Despite what your fears, trepidations and anxieties might tell you – you will not die. Public speaking isn’t all that bad or that dangerous! =P I can guarantee if you really put in the effort you will experience deep personal growth, a changed career and life path.

Owning your Voice

To me, public speaking is so much more than its unidimensional fear based public misperception. Public speaking is owning your voice, it is owing your ability to communicate in any setting. Think about it. If you can communicate in any setting you can really take part in your community, family, government, and really contribute to your world. Human communication is one of the most fundamental skill that binds us together. It empowers your success in career, life and beyond. It’s no ‘soft’ skill but a critical, life changing one. Mastering it means opening doors to boundless new opportunities in work and life. Perhaps a better way to look at this fear/anxiety is as a impetus for change and a battle cry for action! Make the change!

Fear of Public Speaking NO MORE

Understand your emotions, take a positive action and direction as a result of them. Own your inner dialog and help it drive you toward success. You have the capacity to grow and improve as a speaker and a leader. Don’t hold on to your past believes and let them control you limitless future.

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  1. Awesome! I get to give a presentation this Tuesday noon on a topic that I am not an expert on (feeling fearful). So this post insight is very helpful for me. Thank you.

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