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Giving an Effective Best Man Speech

Boston’s premier public speaking and leadership training organization, the Institute of Public Speaking was recently reference in Town & Country magazine. Owner and Senior public speaking and leadership trainer Joseph Guarino shared his expertise on giving an effective best man speech. In ‘Ahem, Is Thing Thing On? A Gentleman’s Guide to Best Man Speeches’ Joseph shared some key pointers on constructing and delivering an effective best man speech. Joseph states in the article: “”After working with thousands and thousands of clients, one of the biggest mistakes I see is that people write the whole thing out and deliver it word for word,” says Joseph Guarino, the president at the Institute of Public Speaking. “They assume that they have this road map that is etched in stone and that they can’t improv on or breathe any real life into.” So ditch the script for a list of bullet points to hit. But whatever you do, don’t wing it. Otherwise giving the speech will go by like three minutes…under water.” Go check out the article on Town & Country’s website. We will explore the art and science behind an effective best man speech in future posts and videos. Until then, please do leave comments and suggestions below. Have a burning public speaking or leadership question? Drop us an message or send us a Tweet.

7 thoughts on “Giving an Effective Best Man Speech”

  1. When I get ready to tie the knot I will be sure to send my best man here so they can make sure my best man doesn’t say anything un-flattering.

  2. Oh how I wish I had been able to give my Best Man this article when he spoke at my wedding! He decided to “wing it” and it was pretty painful. This article is great and I hope future Best Men take note of the solid advice offered here!

  3. I never actually thought on this much. I recently got married and didn’t have a traditional wedding so we didn’t have the speeches or anything but what he says does make sense. You have to be open to creative adjustments, even in the moment itself.

  4. I might pass this onto to a friend whom is struggling to write a speech at the moment, I think they might find this very helpful.

  5. John Stevenson

    I checked out that site you linked to and that was pretty brilliant stuff. I feel like a lot of people underestimate intimate speeches like these. My brother is engaged and I know I will be the best man for his wedding and it scares me a bit BUT I will bookmark this and the other page and come back when the time is closing in.

  6. I have spent months studying tips on giving the best man speeches and found a fantastic one here. I’ll also check out the other links. Great eye-opener here.

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