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Leadership Communication Skills

Communication skills are a most fundamental competence. We use them daily to persuade, influence and lead. It is no exaggeration to state that these skill determine much of our success in life. If you are person in a leadership role you might exercise this skill with consistency. Even those that don’t consider themselves to be in leadership roles are exercising these skills daily at work, at home and even with family. In a deeper sense, if we look at our lives – we are all leaders. Leaders help motivate others toward a common goal. They enlist others toward a common mission and are most effective when they are skillful communicators. Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some statistics on the subject of leadership communications:

  • Stanford University 20 year study of MBA graduates single most important skill to success was interpersonal communications skill.
  • Forbes Insights 2010 Strategic Initiatives Study “Adapting Corporate Strategy to the Changing Economy,” nine out of ten CEOs believe that communications is critical to the success
    Nearly half of respondents cite communications as an integral and active component of their strategic planning and execution process.

Communication is Fundamental to Leadership Success

If we look at the achievements of any of the most historically notable figure – communications skills are a startling commonality. Would Steve Jobs have been able to motivate Apple to its outstanding success without his communication mastery? I think not. What of Martin Luther King? Would he have transformed the United States and championed the civil rights movement (and the positive change that followed) without his outstanding capacity as a communicator? Nope. Both of these leaders held a pillar or fundamental skill of effective communication.  While these are only 2 examples I challenge you to find an exemplary successful leader lacking in this critical skills.  It is near impossible to find leadership success without communication prowess.

It’s my hope that this short blog post will have you thinking of the strong connection between communication skills and leadership. More importantly, may it inspire you to move forward as a leader yourself to the success you so deserve. Also check out our other posts on the subject of Leadership. Please do leave a comment or insight below. We’d love to hear from you! If you like feel free to join our mailing list.

8 thoughts on “Leadership Communication Skills”

  1. Annie Marie Peters

    Yes! Very insightful, Joseph. I think many leaders forget to focus on the power of communication for themselves and within their organization.

  2. Seamus Keegan

    Any aspiring leaders should always be working on their communication skills, both personal and interpersonal. In many walks of life the most successful people are the great, confident communicators, and in the business world things are no different 🙂

  3. Communication skill is the essential part of any industries now a days. If the leader has nice set of communication skills and body language, their employees and colleagues will be motivated by his presence and speech.

  4. Great Article! I did think of Martin Luther Kings Jr. today (on the anniversary of his death) as a great communicator.

  5. Hello Joseph,

    Great article – great leaders also need to be able to effectively communicate where conflict is at its highest. Seeing the position of the other person first, understanding the culture and the willingness to say that you were wrong. Great leaders come to the table with open minds, respect and the commitment to stay with dialogue to find solutions. A desire to build trust and respect for differences.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    Kinds Regards

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