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Our New Leadership Training Course


Institute of Public Speaking Announces Upcoming Leadership Training Course

1-day intensive course will equip students with leadership skills for career and personal advancement

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, JULY 25, 2016 – The Institute of Public Speaking is thrilled to announce their newest leadership training course, Become a Successful Leader – Leadership Training Course. The course is a one-day intensive learning experience where students will be equipped with skills for becoming a more successful and effective leader.

Become a Successful Leader – Leadership Training Course will provide students with a blend of lecture and practice that will keep participants actively engaged. Using training that is up-to-date and based on scientific research, The Institute of Public Speaking delivers a comprehensive course for those who want to sharpen their leadership skills.

According to The Institute of Public Speaking, “Leaders are not born but rather learn this critical skill from training, observation, and real world practice.” Within the all-new leadership course, students will gain an aptitude in 22 areas including the art of listening, authenticity, secrets to motivation, delegating effectively, building a company culture, leading across generations, and more.

Become a Successful Leader – Leadership Training Course has been crafted specifically to help leaders become more effective and successful in their roles. Students of the workshop will be equipped with the tools needed to step up to their leadership roles. Through the training, students will hone in on their leadership skills, identify their leadership strengths, develop leadership communication skills, and maximize their career potential.

“Leadership capacities are critical at all levels of an organization: whether you are in management, an executive, or anywhere in between,” said the Institute of Public Speaking’s Joseph Guarino. “This course will give you the tools to step up to any leadership role.”

While many leadership training courses offer a core of lecture and little practical experience, Become a Successful Leader – Leadership Training Course will offer a blueprint for leadership success with time for practice built into the workshop.

The $499 cost of the Boston, MA, leadership training event will include the 1-day intensive leadership training, a leadership training manual and exercises, and a Certificate of Completion from the Institute of Public Speaking.

The first session of Become a Successful Leader – Leadership Training Course will be held on August 12, 2016, from 9am – 4pm at 30 Newbury St., 3rd Floor, in Boston. The course outline, registration, and more information can be found at https://www.instituteofpublicspeaking.com/leadership-training-schedule/.

About the Institute of Public Speaking

The Institute of Public Speaking is an international public speaking and leadership training organization based in Boston, MA, and focused on helping clients advance their careers and lives through the art of public speaking.


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Institute of Public Speaking
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9 thoughts on “Our New Leadership Training Course”

  1. Leadership training really gets me excited. Usually those things are boring and they are normally going on at the most inoprotune time. Being able to give a well-planned speech to a room full of businessman as well as businesswoman is a great felling. Also, the payments for doing so isn’t bad even for small events. Speaking engagements come a dime a dozen once you become known for them and if your selling a product public speaking training is something worth the investment.

  2. It’s so rare to find someone who is a “natural born leader”. Most often leaders are trained. This course sounds excellent. Students, interns, lower management, and upper management should all take a look at this as a way to move ahead in their career. For all that’s offered, it’s hard to beat that price, too. Especially since they are offering real, practical experience!

  3. I have been considering this. I have a small business online that I would love to expand but I know in order to do that, I need to have the know how to actually lead a team. I don’t want to be overpowering but I also don’t want to get taken advantage of.

  4. I’m just curious to know how often you run these courses each year? I won’t be in the area around that time but I might be later on in the year. Also, do you offer the courses online – I guess that is a bit difficult when it is about public speaking, but I thought I would ask anyway.

  5. I will be looking out for those online courses if they are not already out yet. I have been looking for help on public speaking all day and this is the first site I stuck around and read more than one article. I already feel like I have improved. Does the newsletter offer anything like this? Maybe some tips from the actual lessons?

  6. I am obviously too late for this, lol BUT I am very curious about these courses. Will there be any like this in the near future? A friend of mine was talking to me this morning and mentioned doing a course and I thought this would be a fantastic way to learn and be more comfortable in front of crowds.

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