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On Authenticity & The Power of You in Public Speaking

There is nothing more important that being our authentic self. This is true in all areas of our lives and most certainly true in public speaking and communication. All of us are perfectly imperfect and a work in progress. Truth is we must do our best with our own authentic public speaking style as it is in this very moment. Am I saying we don’t need to work to improve our fundamental public speaking skills, certainly not. We need to learn the fundamentals just like any other field but we need to recognize and foster our unique and authentic capacities. For example, perhaps you have a more serious personality and tend to communicate this way. Sure, working on some humor into your speeches is important and helpful but it doesn’t mean you have to become a stand-up comedian to be a successful speaker. You, as you are perfectly capable of effective public speaking and should embrace your strengths while developing any other “weaknesses” (I call them opportunities for growth.) Many in public speaking trainers miss the validity of this assertion and assume there is but one way to properly approach public speaking and assume one mold for all speakers. This is incorrect

Don’t get me wrong there are fundamental laws of public speaking and communication that we all most acknowledge and obey. I’m simply speaking to the fact that we are all a coalescence of many skills and intelligences that make us uniquely ourselves. Some trainers seem to miss this fact and leave speakers thinking they are forever inadequate to be who they are. Wrong!

Authenticity & The Power of You

Being that unique authentic person you are as a speaker will let you shine. Bearing your soul will breed trust and respect all around you. Others will see you as perfectly imperfect and respect you for having the bravery to express yourself with honesty. This will build rapport and relationship with any audience and mean a positive reception of your message. You are perfectly imperfect so be yourself always while always trying to improve. You will shine just as the authentic, unique, irreplaceable you!

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