One Day Public Speaking Bootcamp – Boston, NH, RI Public Speaking Classes

Public Speaking Classes Boston, NH, RI Do you want to become a more effective and confident public speaker? Public speaking is not magic, it just requires the right training to be successful. This one day intensive public speaking training course will give you the fundamentals to be a more effective speaker, communicator and leader. Whether you are looking to advance in your career, or be better able to address your local civic group — we will give you the skills for successful speaking. This deeply participatory curriculum of classroom exercises will give you many chances to practice your newly mastered public speaking skills.
We will arm you with the basics of understanding how to use your voice, body language and your own authentic personal style to be a more effective speaker. You will learn by speaking. By the end of the training you will communicate with confidence and ease of a seasoned speaker.

What you will gain from this training:

  • Improve your speaking and presentation skills
  • Real world experience through immerse exercises
  • Methods for dealing with the fear and anxiety of speaking
  • Expert coaching in public speaking
  • Improved career potential
  • Fundamentals of speaking in public
  • Confidence as a speaker in any situation

Why this program works:

Real world practice
Many public speaking training offerings are mostly lecture and offer very little practical exercises to help you absorb the skills. We take the opposite approach. You get the knowledge and expertise you need and then you practice.  Truly there is no better way to learn than by actively engaging.

Small class sizes
Many other training organizations offer class sizes of nearly 100 students. Small class sizes focus makes for the best learning outcome for our students. You will benefit from one on one time with our expert trainers in ways not available in our competition.

Convenient Locations in Boston MA, Manchester New Hampshire & Providence RI
Our training offerings are conveniently located in both Boston Massachusetts, Manchester New Hampshire and Providence RI. All locations are public transportation accessible and offer ample parking options. See our specific schedule on our Boston MA public speaking classes , Manchester NH public speaking classes or Providence RI public speaking classes.

Our Expertise
With over 15 years of expertise in public speaking we know the field and can give you the competitive edge we have offered 1000’s of students over the years. Our experience spans nearly every industry and venue and we truly enjoy helping you take the next step to becoming an expert speaker!

What’s Included:

  • Full (1) Day Intensive Public Speaking Training
  • Real world Public Speaking Exercises & Experience
  • Public Speaking Training Booklet & Exercises
  • Direct Coaching in Improving Your Speaking Skills
  • Institute of Public Speaking Certificate of Completion

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