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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking – Boston.com Article

We are so happy this month to be sharing our public speaking expertise on Boston.com one of Boston’s most respected news sources.  You can find our article in the Boston.com Global Business Hub section of the Boston.com website.  The article entitle: “Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking” describes practical, science based techniques that help our Boston public speaking students overcome this oft debilitating fear.  The article details the important steps of preparation & practice in developing a speech.   It highlights the time and effort you should dedicate in writing and editing and even video recording yourself speaking while practicing.  Lastly, it shows you how you can use creative visualization to improve your perception and peace of mind while speaking.  The over arching goal of the article is to help you give you the skills to create new positive habits instead of tired ineffective ones.  We encourage you to check it out and leave comments, feedback or questions.  Also please do share it on social media  with friend, family and anyone who you think might benefit from it. Wishing you public speaking success!

About The Institute of Public Speaking

The Institute of Public Speaking is a Boston MA based international public speaking & leadership training organization. We live and breathe educating others on the skills of public speaking, leadership and communication. Our mission is to deliver the latest science based training to maximize your success as a speaker and a leader. The skills of public speaking and leadership are key to success in any field. At the institute, we are here to help propel you forward in your career and life. Let our training and expertise help get you there.

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2 thoughts on “Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking – Boston.com Article”

  1. I find it very hard to find the confidence in front of crowds. I don’t live near Boston, do you hold any webinars or online training please?

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