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Public Speaking Mastery – Creating Positive Speaking Habits

Create Positive Public Speaking Habits

Most things worth pursuing take time, effort and dedication. Our habits and efforts matter as much in public speaking as in any other worthy endeavor. We can choose to live up to our aspirations if we use healthy habits to bring us toward them. One recent research study highlighted that it takes an average of 3 weeks to create a habit. Acknowledging this, the new public speaker can work on positive public speaking habits to improve their skills.

Start Creating Positive Habits Today

At the Institute of Public Speaking, we help you build a repertoire of healthy habits that improve your public speaking, communication and presentation skills. With practice you can build power and presence as a speaker and a leader but your habits are vital in this evolution. Weather you are an executive seeking executive speech coaching, a corporate manager pursuing better presentations or a student looking to master the art of speaking – we help you build the habits of speech success. Our methods with bring marked results in your public speaking skills but only if you get on the path. We’ve explored the concept of creating positive habits in depth in our public speaking training and on this blog. When will you start on this journey to effective public speaking habits? Public speaking mastery awaits!

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5 thoughts on “Public Speaking Mastery – Creating Positive Speaking Habits”

  1. Interesting. I never knew that it only took such a small amount of time to create new habits. I think that I really do need to get into the habit of speaking to a public audience, as it would be hugely beneficial if I could do so with confidence. As recommended I will start today by practicing my speaking skills, and who knows maybe in 3 weeks time it will be a habit of mine.

    1. Bethany,
      All great journeys must start somewhere. I hope that you will begin your journey to public speaking mastery. Please come back with questions or comments anytime. Wishing you successful speaking. =)

  2. I have some habits that I truly need to change to improve the current state of my life. Speaking publicly is certainly a habit that I would like to acquire.. I think that the future is looking bright for me. 🙂

  3. Dear Joe, Great points that I now implement in corporate meetings. I find your points make a vast and great improvement with groups I have relationships with or am marketing and meeting for the first time. Make eye contact.
    Thank you!

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