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Public Speaking – The Value of Positive Habit – Part I

Rituals have existed in all societies in one form or another as a form of education, social endorsement, and important rite of passage. Rituals in the realm of public speaking can be used to make a clean break from previous negative experiences with public speaking and take the step to speaking success.
To be clear, herein I speak of rituals in a non-spiritual secular sense from a purely scientific vantage point. Rituals have always held several characteristics that make them powerful mechanisms of impacting change and personal growth. In modern Western society we have many rites of passages which involve rituals such as confirmation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, prom, etc. These rituals give us the same gifts humans have sought from the ritual process since early man. They initiate us into a new experience or stage of life that makes a lasting change or personal evolution. Rituals encourage personal growth, epiphanies and ultimately health self-esteem. All of these breakthroughs are vitally important in our lives but they all help in being a better public speaker. Some powerfully positive key attributes of positive public speaking ritual are:


Rituals almost always offer a challenge that at first seems unsurmountable. Engaging in the ritual challenge is what produces the desired growth or outcome. In public speaking training, I help students frame public speaking in a new positive light while showing them how fun and rewarding it can be.

Socially Driven

Social groups use ritual to nudge its members toward a particular interpersonal or personal growth objective. Most often our social group is an intrinsic part of the entire process of positive societal ritual.

Social Endorsement

A stated part of any ritual is an implicit form of societal endorsement where the individual completing it gains strength and acceptance of the group. As odd as it sounds in individualistic Western society we thrive on the endorsement of our peers and it is often how we define our self worth. Group training helps to build upon this endorsement which leave you as a student with more confidence and self-esteem relating to your public speaking skills.

Self-Esteem Building

Once we have this positive understanding of ourselves we can rise to successive challenges in life. Rituals are a positive way we gain self-esteem, grow and mature. The same goes for public speaking and our training at the Institute of Public Speaking focuses on delivering on building your skills to the esteem follows.

Positive Public Speaking Habits

In the context of public speaking and communication, positive ritual can be a powerful way of changing our conception of ourselves as speakers. Often it is this very negative initial conception that keeps us from succeeding as a speaker and a leader. Positive new rituals can be an empowering way to change this and begin down the path of becoming a fearless speaker. Much of my training explores the power of positive ritual and helps you retrain your mind and improve your public speaking fundamentals. What are your public speaking rituals? How do you think they impact your speaking abilities?

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