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The Institute of Public Speaking

The Institute of Public Speaking is a Boston MA based international public speaking & leadership training organization. We live and breathe educating others on the skills of public speaking, leadership and communication. Our mission is to deliver the latest science based training to maximize your success as a speaker and a leader.

The skills of public speaking and leadership are key to success in any field. At the institute, we are here to help propel you forward in your career and life. Let our training and expertise help get you there.

Call toll free (877) 208-4495 or contact us for a free consultation and begin the journey to being a better speaker & leader today.

Our Founder/CEO

The Institute of Public Speaking was founded in early 2008 by public speaking and leadership expert Joseph Guarino. As a serial entrepreneur, he has worked in firms from Fortune 500 to small businesses for more than 20 years as a professional speaker, public speaking trainer, leadership coach and business/IT expert. In addition, after more than 10 years of teaching public speaking & leadership in the corporate world (& elsewhere) he opened the Institute of Public Speaking in Boston MA.

Driven by a desire to reinvent the public speaking and leadership industry, he created the Institute of Public Speaking to bring best of breed educational techniques & the insights of modern science to bear on the art of public speaking & leadership. The Institute has a singular focus on exceptional educational outcomes with a singular focus on client’s success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the skills of effective public speaking, leadership and communication to maximize your success. Our science based curriculum is always improving to include the latest research that produce proven results. Our client results and our testimonials speak for themselves.

What Makes Us Different

Real world practice

Many public speaking & leadership training offerings are mostly lecture with very little practical exercises to help you absorb the skills. Passive learning never works. We take the opposite approach. You get the knowledge and expertise you need and then you practice – there is no better way to learn than by doing.

Small class sizes

Many other training organizations offer large class sizes of nearly 100 students. Our small class sizes makes for the best learning outcome for our students. You will benefit from one on one training with our expert trainers. This individual attention and focus is not available in our competition.

Our Expertise

With over 15 years of expertise in public speaking & leadership we know the field. Our speaking and leadership experts can give you the competitive edge we have offered 1000’s of students over the years. Our experience spans nearly every industry, venue and practice area. We can truly help you take the next step to become an expert communicator, speaker and leader!

Science Based Training

There are many training options in the marketplace for public speaking and leadership. Few take the latest in scientific research and turn it into actionable training that transforms your communication, speaking, leadership outcomes. We do. We are dedicated to your success so our training is always being enhanced and improved. Your speaking and leadership success is our singular endeavor.

Convenient Locations

Our training offerings are conveniently located in both Boston MassachusettsManchester New Hampshire and Providence RI. All locations are public transportation accessible and offer ample parking options. See our specific schedule on our Boston MA public speaking classes , Manchester NH public speaking classes or Providence RI public speaking classes. If you are outside of this New England area, please contact us as we offer throughout the United States and anywhere around the globe.

Our Public Speaking Training Courses

We offer a variety of public speaking and leadership courses both one on one and groups of any size. From large groups to private one on one training, we deliver the public speaking expertise you need to be effective and successful as a speaker. We have a long list of happy clients and we’d love to add to you it. But, don’t take our word for it – check out our testimonials to see what others have said about us.

Corporate Training

In the corporate world communication, public speaking and leadership skills are vital to success.

Executive Speech Coaching

Public speaking and presentation skills are critical skill for any manager, executive, or leader.

Public Speaking Training Seminars

Public speaking is a fundamental skill for career and life success. On a daily basis we communicate…

1–5 Day Public Speaking Seminars

Week Public Speaking Seminars Custom Public Speaking Seminars Contact us today to learn more.

Advanced Public Speaking Bootcamps

Do you want to become a more effective and confident public speaker but don’t have weeks…

One on One Training

Public speaking is a fundamental communication skill that creates the conditions for success.

Our Leadership Training Courses

We offer a variety of leadership courses both one on one and groups of any size. From large groups to private one on one training, we deliver the leadership expertise you need to be effective and successful leader.

Leadership Fundamentals Training

We offer a variety of leadership fundamentals training courses for the budding executive to the seasoned professional. For a full list of our existing options see our leadership training schedule for the latest leadership courses.

Leadership Training Seminars

Leadership is a fundamental skill for success in business and life. At the Institute of public speaking we offer a variety of our acclaimed leadership training seminars for your organization. Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

Executive Leadership Training

As a manager or executive, your leadership skills are critical to the success of your organization & its efforts. Having the skills of a seasoned leader isn’t something we are born with. Instead, we gain this from training & observation. Our executive leadership courses will give you the skills to be that leader others look toward & trust.

One on One Leadership Training

As an executive of business leader you may need one on one leadership coaching to improve your leadership capacities. The Institute of Public Speaking offers a variety of one on one leadership coaching options to get you where you need to be. Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

Corporate Leadership Training

Leadership drives success in the business world and beyond. Organizations without skilled leadership will fall to those who have. Our corporate leadership training programs offer your organization hands on, experiential learning based on the most recent insights of management science. Group exercises make learning fun and encourage students to internalize and master the curriculum. Our leadership training builds successful leaders from the ground up.