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Public Speaking: The Ultimate Career Skill

Public speaking is a skill fundamental to success. In the business world, our personal life and beyond – we use this skill to persuade, influence and lead. Ask any employer and they will tell you it tops their list. Still not sold on this fact? Take a look at a few studies that go so far as to list it as the most important career skill:

    • Stanford University 20 year study of MBA graduates single most important skill to success was interpersonal communications skill.
    • Journal of Career Planning & Employment – Most important skill for college graduate – written and oral communications.

    The Facts of Speaking

    The facts of speaking are that it yields a tremendous value to anyone in any field of study or career path. With this fundamental skill you can have:

    • Improved job prospects
    • Strong differentiation from your peers
    • Improved leadership opportunities
    • Opportunities to network
    • Improved sales and marketing opportunities

    Public Speaking a Powerful Investment

    Given the opportunities what do you want to accomplish as a speaker? Would you like to be a better team leader in meetings, be more focused in impromptu speaking or more fearless in front of larger audiences? Whatever your goal, investing in yourself in this fundamental communications skill has a guaranteed positive return.

    Public Speaking Aids Success

    If you seek real world examples they are supernumerary. Would Apple computer have been as successful were it not for the charismatic communications skills of Steve Jobs. Would Barack Obama become the president of the United States of America without a capacity to inspire and influence an audience? Would Martin Luther King have changed the world without his singularly persuasive public speaking skills? In all cases it the fundamental skill of public speaking (communications skills) that helped make these leaders great. How will you use this skills? Why not start today. Public speaking is an investment that nearly boundless returns. Public speaking is truly a powerful career skill.

12 thoughts on “Public Speaking: The Ultimate Career Skill”

  1. I have found that learning how to speak publicly has been one of the greatest assets in my life in terms of boosting my career and confidence. There was a time when I was very shy, and reluctant to speak to 3 people never mind rooms full to the brim with listeners! However, through taking the time to learn how other public speakers go about addressing an audience, improving my own speeches and generally engaging in self-improvement, I’ve noticed an incredible range of benefits.

    1. Lucy,

      Thanks for your comment! =) I’m happy to hear you have grown as a speaker and realized so many of the benefits I address in this post. This is exactly what I train people to become better speakers.

  2. As someone who is inherently shy around others, I think that I would benefit from taking a speaking course or at least learning how to conquer my fear of public speaking. It’s become a problem in my life and I have reason to believe that my lack of confidence with speaking has cost me promotions at work. I will consider signing up for your public speaking training that you have available, and hopefully, I’ll one day be able to speak without shaking manically.

  3. It has recently become obvious that if I want to succeed in my job role, I must develop my speaking (especially when it comes to presenting concepts and information to large audiences.) So far I’ve managed to get away with my current ability to speak, and while I’m not overly nervous when speaking to large crowds, I do have some issues with coming across as genuine and trustworthy. Heck, I even notice my lack of congruence when I’m speaking, so I’m sure others notice too. Hopefully, through expanding my ability to speak with congruence I should see some improvements.

  4. My new year’s resolution this year is to be a more confident speaker. As someone who usually swallows their tongue when facing audiences of more than five people, it has become inherent that I need to improve if I wish to progress in my career. I already signed up for a speech class in my local area, which I hope to see some results from in the future, but for now I’m finding your posts rather useful. I’ve noticed that you have a training programe for those who wish to learn to improve their speech, which I will look into when I have a moment spare!

  5. Harrison Prudanes

    Great post mate. I don’t often bother to comment on posts, but for once I thought I would give it a shot. I personally haven’t had a lot of success with speaking to a large number of people at once, and feel as if my voice is lost in the crowd. However, I am looking to become a capable speaker through the training scheme you have going, and I may possibly begin taking up more opportunities to speak publicly. Cheers for your posts. So far they’ve helped quite a bit!

  6. I’ve seen many professional speakers at my University. But I have not thought about it as a professional career. I am not much good at public speaking but your website help me a lot to improve myself.

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