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Speaking and Leadership

Few explore the essential connection between public speaking skills and leadership. Speaking is often seen as a valuable skill but it is rarely tied to leadership as a critical pillar on which it stands. To be successful as a leader, you must communicate, motivate and persuade others to action consistently. These are the very same skills required of a successful speaker. Speaking can been seen as a hallmark of successful leadership. Public speaking is a fundamental skill that if improved will yield marked improvement in your leadership and career trajectory. Are you investing in improving your public speaking skills? How does this relate with your career and leadership goals?

Speaking and Leadership

Given the fact that most (if not all) leadership roles have a strong communications component – public speaking skills are critical. The modern leader needs excellent communications, presentation and public speaking skills to be effective. Without them how would a leader persuade, influence or inspire to action. The question is: How will you master the skills of public speaking to improve your leadership outcomes. How will you reinvent your organization, make ever better sales or inspire your peers? No matter your goal, public speaking skills will be a part of your success.

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  1. It is true that very few people give importance to communication in the leadership aspect. Communication makes a good leader. Leaders also need to be effective communicators. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post with us. I learned a lot from this post.

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