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Resting Face & The Power of Smile

Benefits of Public Speaking - Smiling Speaker

It takes just a second for people to form a first impression. Seems like an old adage, but it is born out (once again) by new scientific study from New York University. This study revealed that in less than a blink of an eye we… Continue reading

Public Speaking: The Verbal & Non-Verbal

Mehrabians Rule

Public speaking is all about organized communication to a group to persuade, inspire or influence. It follow the same fundamental skills that any other communication task requires. It demands we are on point with our content, use proper body language and relevant body language. Any… Continue reading

Body Language & Public Speaking

Body Language master Charlie Chaplin

In one of my recent Boston public speaking training classes I had the question from one of my students: “What do I do with my hands, body while speaking?” This is a common question to the novice public speaker. At its root it arises from… Continue reading

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speaking

Whether we realize it of much of our human communication happens in non-verbal form. Our bodies speak, often volumes more than we do in our actual spoken words. In fact, numerous studies by famed Psychologist Albert Mehrabian found that most of our communications are dominated… Continue reading

The Power of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

The Power of Eye Contact in Public Speaking

Eye contact is often one of the most overlooked methods we have to connect, build rapport and be effective as a speaker and leader. More often than not most speakers fail to use the power of eye contact to impart weight and value to their… Continue reading

Power of Smile – Your Public Speaking Secret Weapon

So often beginning public speakers are exceedingly serious in their approach to public speaking – smiling isn’t part of their delivery. They may fear public speaking, be anxious speaking, or simply not learned one of the many techniques to loosen up before speaking. Author of… Continue reading

Reading Your Audience

Public Speaking Success – Read your Audience Novice public speakers often ask me how to best gauge an audience during a speech. Hearing this question impresses me because indicates a speaker is making an effort to more effectively connect with his or her audience. Reading… Continue reading