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7 Signs You Work for a Horrible Boss

Public Speaking - Climb the Ladder of Success

How would you describe your boss? Does he help you succeed and grow or hold you back? Do you look forward to going into work every day or only look forward to days your manager is on vacation? As you undoubtedly know, we spend the… Continue reading

Public Speaking: The Ultimate Career Skill

Public Speaking is the Ultimate Career Development Tool

Public speaking is a skill fundamental to success. In the business world, our personal life and beyond – we use this skill to persuade, influence and lead. Ask any employer and they will tell you it tops their list. Still not sold on this fact?… Continue reading

The Courage to Speak

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

Courage is the willingness to confront life challenges with bravery and confidence. Life challenges are in seemingly endless supply – and for most, public speaking is tops among them. When we examine deeply entrenched and unchallenged speaking anxiety we see it has some very negative… Continue reading

5 Opportunities for Getting Speaking Engagements Part II

Public Speaking Microphone

As I detailed in my first post (5 Opportunities for Getting Speaking Engagements Part I), there are plentiful opportunities for public speakers to get out gain speaking experience. The only true limitation to these positive outcomes is our effort to connect with them. Public speaking… Continue reading

Speaking and Leadership

Public Speaking Training

Few explore the essential connection between public speaking skills and leadership. Speaking is often seen as a valuable skill but it is rarely tied to leadership as a critical pillar on which it stands. To be successful as a leader, you must communicate, motivate and… Continue reading