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Using Music to Improve Public Speaking Performance

Smiling Man Listening to Music

Do you have a song that just makes you smile, or one that helps get you motivated for your morning run?  If you do – you’re not alone.  Music can be a powerful tool to change your state of mind and motivate you to action. … Continue reading

Speaking & Leading with Gratitude

Gratitude - The power of being thankful

The forth Thursday of November marks a day of giving thanks in the USA. Thanksgiving is a national holiday where we reflect upon and celebrate all we have to be grateful for. This day is a wondrous expression of our thanks among our friends and… Continue reading

Habit of Perseverance

Habit of Perseverance - Never Give Up Climber

Do you ever stop to think of how habits drive your behavior? Habits are routine behaviors that we repeat with nearly unconscious regularity. Psychology more clearly defines them as a fixed way of thinking, feeling or willing acquired though repetition. Every day habits drive our… Continue reading

Is Public Speaking a New Year’s Resolution

With the dawn of every new year and advent of the preceding – often come valuable personal resolutions. We personally vow to do countless things for the betterment of ourselves, others and society as a whole. These actions signal the core human existential struggles we… Continue reading

Gaining the Confidence of Your Audience as a Public Speaker

Benefits of Public Speaking - Smiling Speaker

In one of my recent Boston public speaking courses a student asked how they would gain the confidence of an audience and be seen as an expert. As a public speaking trainer and expert I’ve heard this questions many times and I’d love to share… Continue reading

Public Speaking – The Value of Positive Habit – Part I

The Value of Positive Ritual-Positive Habit – The Pre-Speech Ritual – Part II

Rituals have existed in all societies in one form or another as a form of education, social endorsement, and important rite of passage. Rituals in the realm of public speaking can be used to make a clean break from previous negative experiences with public speaking… Continue reading

Alcohol and Public Speaking – Don’t Drink and Speak

Public Speaking Don't Drink & Speak

A recent article on public speaking recommended that nervous speakers have a drink (one drink) before speaking and I couldn’t disagree more. Public speaking like any other form of focused communication demands us in top form and drinking (even one drink) leaves us far from… Continue reading