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Voice Tips for Speakers & Leaders Part I

Public Speaking - Climb the Ladder of Success

Beginning speakers often make mistakes and its no fault of their own. Mistakes are a part of the learning process and furthermore most people are simply unaware they are even making these vocal mistakes. Herein we’ll explore a few of the most common vocal mishaps… Continue reading

10 Ways to Eliminate Filler Words

Filler words and why you shouldn't use them.

Beginning speakers often have poor habits that negatively affect their public speaking performance. One such less desirable habit is utilizing filler words like, um, ah, so, you know, etc. while speaking. In previous posts we explained why one shouldn’t use filler words in great detail.… Continue reading

Lessons of Failure

Far too often, students in our public speaking and leadership courses recall their ‘failures’ as challenges that define their present & future outcomes — rather than a bump in the road to their success. They often recall these experiences of ‘failures’ in vivid detail and… Continue reading

Using Music to Improve Public Speaking Performance

Smiling Man Listening to Music

Do you have a song that just makes you smile, or one that helps get you motivated for your morning run?  If you do – you’re not alone.  Music can be a powerful tool to change your state of mind and motivate you to action. … Continue reading

5 Mental Tricks to Calm Your Nerves Before a Speech

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

The brain is the most powerful organ in your body. It dictates your every move, thought and reaction. By properly harnessing this power through mental and psychological exercises, you can learn how to control and fine-tune your emotions. This is especially valuable during times of… Continue reading

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking – Boston.com Article


We are so happy this month to be sharing our public speaking expertise on Boston.com one of Boston’s most respected news sources.  You can find our article in the Boston.com Global Business Hub section of the Boston.com website.  The article entitle: “Overcome Your Fear of… Continue reading

The Courage to Speak

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

Courage is the willingness to confront life challenges with bravery and confidence. Life challenges are in seemingly endless supply – and for most, public speaking is tops among them. When we examine deeply entrenched and unchallenged speaking anxiety we see it has some very negative… Continue reading

Confident Public Speaking in 5 Easy Steps

Benefits of Public Speaking - Smiling Speaker

Challenge Your Beliefs For many public speaking is an extremely fearful and anxiety producing endeavor. The root of these fears can be many things, but they tend to form into strongly held misguided beliefs. Sadly, they often lead people to erroneous believe they are incapable… Continue reading

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Doesn't Have to be SPOOKY

Halloween makes us think of the spooky things that go bump in the nite or fiendish hauntings that rise the hairs on the back of our necks. All manner of ghoulish creatures, hellish haunted houses and terrifying horror films conjure within us a clear state… Continue reading

Public Speaking Mastery – Creating Positive Speaking Habits

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

Create Positive Public Speaking Habits Most things worth pursuing take time, effort and dedication. Our habits and efforts matter as much in public speaking as in any other worthy endeavor. We can choose to live up to our aspirations if we use healthy habits to… Continue reading