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How Not to Close a Speech

How Not to Close a Speech

Ever wondered how to close a speech? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Closing your speech with confidence, vigor and enthusiasm can mean the difference between a powerful impression or the lack there of. Many speeches fall flat due to their final lackluster close.… Continue reading

Storytelling Secrets for Public Speakers & Leaders

What's Your Story

Storytelling can be a powerful & compelling tool for today’s leaders and public speakers. Stories can help you entertain, influence and inspire an audience much more effectively than facts or figures. A well delivered story can leave a positive lifelong impression, get you the sale… Continue reading

5 Mental Tricks to Calm Your Nerves Before a Speech

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

The brain is the most powerful organ in your body. It dictates your every move, thought and reaction. By properly harnessing this power through mental and psychological exercises, you can learn how to control and fine-tune your emotions. This is especially valuable during times of… Continue reading

5 Physical Exercises to Calm Your Nerves Before a Speech

Just before a speech or presentation you may feel very tense and anxious. This is common and it happens to the best of us. However, one way to relax and become focused is through mild physical and mental exercises – often referred to as ‘loosening… Continue reading

Self-Talk for Public Speaking Success

On Authenticity & The Power of You in Public Speaking

Are you aware of your own inner voice? Do you often hear you own inner dialog? Most people engage in a consistent inner dialog whether they are conscious of it or not. We use self-talk as a way to instruct, motivate or to evaluate. Fact… Continue reading

Habit of Perseverance

Habit of Perseverance - Never Give Up Climber

Do you ever stop to think of how habits drive your behavior? Habits are routine behaviors that we repeat with nearly unconscious regularity. Psychology more clearly defines them as a fixed way of thinking, feeling or willing acquired though repetition. Every day habits drive our… Continue reading

Public Speaking Breathing Exercises

Public Speaking Breathing Exercises

Many new students in my public speaking training courses pose the question, “Why do I have shortness of breath while speaking?” or “Why do I feel I can’t get power behind my voice?” Fact is for many beginning public speaking students lack of effective breathing… Continue reading

Public Speaking and the Impostor Syndrome

Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future

Often, when coaching new students in my public speaking and leadership courses I hear of their hopes and fears related to acquiring these new skills. They often voice absurd absolutes such as: I can’t speak in front of a large crowd I don’t have the… Continue reading

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking – Boston.com Article


We are so happy this month to be sharing our public speaking expertise on Boston.com one of Boston’s most respected news sources.  You can find our article in the Boston.com Global Business Hub section of the Boston.com website.  The article entitle: “Overcome Your Fear of… Continue reading

Public Speaking Mastery – Creating Positive Speaking Habits

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

Create Positive Public Speaking Habits Most things worth pursuing take time, effort and dedication. Our habits and efforts matter as much in public speaking as in any other worthy endeavor. We can choose to live up to our aspirations if we use healthy habits to… Continue reading