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Public Speaking Myths

Public Speaking Sign

Almost any field has its myth’s that persist despite the efforts to dispel them. Public speaking is no exception to this rule. As a learning path, public speaking is riddled with myths that hurt beginning speakers. Herein we’ll explore some of the myths that persist… Continue reading

Time Management for Speakers

Time Management for Public Speakers

Beginning public speakers often fail to realize the importance of time management. Often, they don’t realize the amount of content they will deliver should be carefully considered to match their allotted speaking time. Most novice speakers think if they have 1 hour they need to… Continue reading

Engaging Your Audience Thru Questions

Speaker Questions

When a member of the audience asks a question, it is most likely because they are trying to better understand the subject that is being presented. As such, most of these questions usually fall into one of three categories: either the questioner did not fully… Continue reading

Public Speaking: The Ultimate Career Skill

Public Speaking is the Ultimate Career Development Tool

Public speaking is a skill fundamental to success. In the business world, our personal life and beyond – we use this skill to persuade, influence and lead. Ask any employer and they will tell you it tops their list. Still not sold on this fact?… Continue reading

5 Ways to Speak Like a Leader – BetaBoston Article

BetaBoston - A Boston Globe Website

We are so excited this month to be sharing our public speaking knowledge on Boston.com, one of Boston’s most respected news sources. You can find our article in the BetaBoston.com Global Business Hub section of Boston.com website (a Boston Globe website). The article entitle: “5… Continue reading

Friend, Follow, Like & Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

Friend, Follow, Like & Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

It’s no secret that we love our customers! =) Your speaking success is our singular goal. We share this passion in delivering you the best public speaking training but also by sharing our expertise online. 2014 for us will be about connecting and serving you… Continue reading

Is Public Speaking a New Year’s Resolution

With the dawn of every new year and advent of the preceding – often come valuable personal resolutions. We personally vow to do countless things for the betterment of ourselves, others and society as a whole. These actions signal the core human existential struggles we… Continue reading

Public Speaking Mastery – Creating Positive Speaking Habits

Public Speaking Mastery – Start Creating Positive Speaking Habits Today

Create Positive Public Speaking Habits Most things worth pursuing take time, effort and dedication. Our habits and efforts matter as much in public speaking as in any other worthy endeavor. We can choose to live up to our aspirations if we use healthy habits to… Continue reading

Body Language & Public Speaking

Body Language master Charlie Chaplin

In one of my recent Boston public speaking training classes I had the question from one of my students: “What do I do with my hands, body while speaking?” This is a common question to the novice public speaker. At its root it arises from… Continue reading

Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speaking

Whether we realize it of much of our human communication happens in non-verbal form. Our bodies speak, often volumes more than we do in our actual spoken words. In fact, numerous studies by famed Psychologist Albert Mehrabian found that most of our communications are dominated… Continue reading