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Voice Tips for Speakers & Leaders Part II

Benefits of Public Speaking - Smiling Speaker

Beginning speakers & leaders often make vocal mistakes that effect their communications outcomes. Herein we’ll explore a few of the most common vocal mishaps novice speakers make and how to avoid them. Like most other skills, our habits often drive our outcomes. Often beginning speakers… Continue reading

Voice Tips for Speakers & Leaders Part I

Public Speaking - Climb the Ladder of Success

Beginning speakers often make mistakes and its no fault of their own. Mistakes are a part of the learning process and furthermore most people are simply unaware they are even making these vocal mistakes. Herein we’ll explore a few of the most common vocal mishaps… Continue reading

Avoid Filler Words

Filler Words

Beginning public speakers often exhibit the bad habit of utilizing filler words (um, ah, like, so, you know, etc.) while speaking. Herein, we’ll explore why these non-words rarely serve your message and should be minimized (if not removed entirely.) In our public speaking and leadership… Continue reading

Vocal Fry is Everyone’s Issue

Eliminate Vocal Fry

A recent study pinpointed the vital issue of vocal fry and its effect on our perception as speakers and leaders. Vocal fry (A.K.A. creaky voice, laryngealisation, or glottal fry) is the low, vibratory cracking of the voice that happens often with beginning speakers/leaders. Vocal fry… Continue reading

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Let’s face it, Public Speaking is hard. For most it is an experience of dreaded more that snakes, spiders and even death itself. These beliefs tend to influence our physiology (define) and our ability to deliver as a speaker. The “speakers nerves,” speakers anxiety, or… Continue reading