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The Psychology of Public Speaking

As a public speaking trainer and perpetual student of public speaking I’m always looking deeper into this art to learn more. Public speaking represents unique challenges for everyone who endeavors to do it well. Truth be told, many of them are in the realm of the mind. In my public speaking training practice I’ve found that most of the basic challenges that new (and even advanced) students of public speaking face are related to many of the psychology aspects of speaking (above most other hurdles). Psychology has much to teach us about the field of public speaking and we ought to more explore the insights this science brings. With this in mind all of my training is focused on giving people the skills to be able to deliver speeches with confidence, vigor and enthusiasm. In my humble opinion overcoming the psychological hurdles to speaking is the first challenge to improving public speaking skills.

Psychology of Public Speaking

At the institute, our focus is using the latest scientific research as a basis for our training, courses and seminars. We research far and wide so you don’t have to. Our goal is always to give you the best training experience and improve your speaking outcomes and career/life trajectory. With science and passion we bring you the best in public speaking training. Want to learn more about the Psychology of public speaking? Join our newsletter or connect with us on social media.

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  1. Great lessons regarding psychology of public speaking. While I don’t get nervous before public speaking (a surprise to me), I do find these to be valuable insights! I “know” these things, but I don’t always remember them! Very helpful post.

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