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Using Music to Improve Public Speaking Performance

Do you have a song that just makes you smile, or one that helps get you motivated for your morning run?  If you do – you’re not alone.  Music can be a powerful tool to change your state of mind and motivate you to action.  Psychologists have long studied the powerful positive effects of music on our brain and mood.  As much as music is used effectively in other fields it can be applied to the art and science of public speaking. Music has a capacity to engage a wide variety of our neurobiological systems to change the way we think and feel.  The powerful tool of music can be another tool to keep you positive, focused and performing optimally as a speaker.
Listening to the right type of music before a speech (or other types of performance) can have significant positive effects including reducing anxiety and boosting confidence. In this article, we will cover a few ways music can be used to improve your mood and in turn your public speaking performance.
Music and your mood are inherently linked. So playing uplifting and motivating music before you are about to perform is a great way to improve your mood and as a result your confidence and performance. However, music (like most art) is a very personal and emotional experience unique to each of us. So be sure to look for music that gives you a feel good vibe as this is an effective way to find motivating music.
While uplifting and motivational music elevates your mood and encourages you to be confident, it is not the only type of music that is beneficial. Music that is calming and tranquil is also a common choice, especially for people who suffer from stress or anxiety prior to performing. Calming music helps ease your mind and reduces the impact of worrying thoughts, such as fears regarding the impending performance. Listening to a variety of songs and choosing ones that make you feel relaxed and at peace is an excellent way to help you discover the right songs.

Create Your Power Playlist

Once you have taken the time to find the types of music and songs that work for you, we advise you ensure you have a wide selection of suitable music ready to go. Whenever you identify a song that you enjoy and makes you feel better, add it to a playlist so it is ready to go when you need it most. Once you have built your playlist, get into the habit of playing it. Do so while you practice your speech, before you go on stage or anytime at all. Get yourself accustomed to feeling strong, empowered and self-confident feelings you feel while you ‘rock out’ to your power playlist. You deserve to take center stage. Why not have those uplifting tunes in the back of your mind helping you stay motivated for the public speaking success you so deserve.

2 thoughts on “Using Music to Improve Public Speaking Performance”

  1. This is actually fantastic advice. I have a few different play-lists I keep on my iPod. I have some for work, some for working out, some for when I need to relax, and others when I need to get pumped up and empowered. Music is an amazing tool and it does wonders for your confidence if you listen to the right stuff before heading into work or an important business meeting.

  2. Never would have thought of this. I have used music while learning which seems to have helped but applying it to help me achieve better public speaking skills is worth trying out. One of my co-workers will actually listen to a few songs before going up for a presentation to get him in the zone like you use music in the gym. I have to try this now.

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