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Veterans Day Thank You & 25% Discount

To all those who served, we thank you! The Institute of Public Speaking, would like to thank all of our brave men and women who serve our country. However, our support for you isn’t just on this single day but year round. Years ago we made our special discount programs permanent for US Vets, active duty US military. That’s right, active duty and Veterans always get 25% any of our in person public speaking and leadership training**. You can sign up for any of our leadership and public speaking training at any of our training locations in Boston MA, Manchester NH and Providence RI.

We will be happy to deliver the greatest in public speaking and leadership training with a generous thank you! To redeem this coupon please contact us with a copy of proof of service and we will send you an exclusive coupon code.

About the Institute of Public Speaking

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Institute of Public Speaking is an international public speaking and leadership training organization. The curriculum is science based and designed to help propel trainees forward in their careers and in life.

Our training offerings are conveniently located in both Boston Massachusetts, Manchester New Hampshire and Providence RI and worldwide. All locations are public transportation accessible and offer ample parking options. See our specific schedule on our Boston MA public speaking classes , Manchester NH public speaking classes or Providence RI public speaking classes.

Call toll free (877) 208 4495 or contact us for a free consultation and begin the journey to being a better speaker & leader today. Want more expert advice on how to be a better public speaker and leader? Drop us a comment below or join our free newsletter for more updates on public speaking and leadership.

**Some conditions and exclusions apply. Proof of service is required. Discount applies to one day and two day bootcamp, public speaking and leadership course only.

4 thoughts on “Veterans Day Thank You & 25% Discount”

  1. This is a nice thing to do. How often do you run discounts in general? I am debating on taking these lessons. As I mentioned on another article, I have to greatly improve my public speaking so I can start working for my brother in law. You were not kidding when you said you earn a lot more knowing this skill. I am signing up for the news letter now.

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