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Virtual Training Options

Are you looking for virtual training options? We’ve got you covered. At the Institute of Public Speaking we offer online and virtual training for ALL of our public speaking & leadership course curriculum. You and your employees can train from comfort of your home or office. Our virtual training options are delivered live and offer many of the same benefits of attending class in person.

How it Works

Our virtual training environment simulates the real classroom experience from the comfort of your home or office. These sessions are not prerecorded videos but live interactive learning. Our expert public speaking and leadership trainers give you direct actionable insights, exercises and feedback. The exercises and practice you enjoy in an in person class are mirrored in our virtual training options.

Engaging via Active Learning

Our virtual learning experience focus on active, hands-on learning. These online classes are delivered live by public speaking & leadership experts with a singular focus on markedly improving your skills. Students are encouraged to learn by active practice & are given feedback on their performances with an eye for improvement.


Online learning is a highly convenient option for those not wanting the cost or complexity of travel. Students are able to attend with the ease of visiting a website, no frustrating traffic, parking or travel related costs.

Cost Saving

Virtual training can represent a cost savings for those who might have to travel to otherwise attend training. Students save on airline costs, lodging and other travel related expenses. All students require to attend is a laptop or a desktop with a camera and microphone. Cost savings add up when teams and organizations calculate the costs of on-premise training.

Our virtual training offers you flexibility, convenience and cost effective solution. Our full suite of classes are available for your public speaking & leadership training needs. Got a question on our virtual training options? Contact us, we’d be happy to help.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Training Options”

  1. I never considered virtual training but the more I am reading about it, it seems to be a way of the future. Given what is going on right now in the world, having options you can do from home is crucial. I will look into this more. Thanks for the info!

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